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Sunday 29 September 2013

Damn You

I'm so frustrated right now. I feel so very helpless. I wrote something the other day but didn't post it due to pissing people off.

It seems impossible to keep everyone happy. As much as I don't think anyone reads my ramblings, if you write about someone (or someone's, even vaguely) they will read it. That is the force of the internet.

My frustration stems from that as well as many other places. One being my ever-returning demon. That jerkhole monkey that stays close by me, and in this time of year, tends to remind me of his presence. Reminding me that he will not be forgotten, and will keep me on a short leash until the sun becomes a regular ward again.

Too many frustrating things going on inside the hollow between my ears. Rattling around. Enough to make one mad.

So if you see me, don't mind the grimace where a smile might have been only a month ago. Its not directed at you (likely).

1 comment:

  1. I have lately considered a second, very anonymous blog for things I can no longer openly rant about.

    *hugs if ya want 'em*