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Monday 30 December 2013

The Smell of Snomobiles

It's the obligatory post-christmas pre-new year's post.

I don't have a whole lot to say, I thought the other day about writing but I can't remember a goddamn lick of it so here's to wingin' it.

Christmas this year was wonderful. I lavished gifts upon my family and it was also returned. I had a great time, even though we do a lot of switching around and traveling for the holidays, it all turned out okay. I got to spend some time with Gramma and my sister, who brought her boyfriend along for the night. He was a delight to meet, and spend time with. I'm really glad they are happy together, because what makes her happy, makes me happy! No complaints from this side of the family about him, we all enjoyed his company.

I'm very happy that for once, I didn't have to stress over christmas shopping. I started early enough, and made enough money that I didn't have to worry. I bought what I wanted for people, and I have no idea what I spent in total. I have never actually worked out what I have spent on previous christmas shopping either, but I most always worried about the money.

I tried to make new years plans with my sister, but that was a bust. It's just too close and I waited too long to make plans. I guess I was hoping that something cool would just come up, or I was depending on my friends to invite us along with their plans. Well nothing came up, and I guess our friends either aren't doing anything, or don't want us to accompany them.

I am kind of bummed about this. I have no plans to ring in the new year, and it is just tomorrow.

You'd think I have much more important things to worry about though. My temporary plates are going to run out on The Beater, and I am awaiting an emissions test to get permanent plates on it. This part scares me as I have no idea if it's going to pass or not, which could leave me screwed. I'm just trying to take things one step at a time, and I think we're good for a couple of days, so I'll just have to wait and see.

The Boyfriend and kids spent the afternoon the other day building a fort. Although it's not 'done', it's pretty impressive.

Before I go, I just HAVE to share some loot I got boxing week shopping.
Picked up this leather jacket for $10!
I also got a new pair of sweat pants, some shopping at La Senza (thanks Gramma), and a mix of other things along with the new wolf skin on COD with my xbox gift card (thanks Meg).

I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday so far. See you all in 2014!


  1. As I mentioned before, you guys are welcome to join us in our quiet New Years In.

    1. I believe we will. We have an overnight guest, but I'm sure you've met him.