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Thursday 18 September 2014

In Review

It's funny that I was looking back on this post, just before the COD: Ghosts game came out last year.

After playing the game now for almost a year, I can reflect on my post. Although it wasn't a prediction, it was good to see that there were some good new aspects to the game.

On my "Interactive Maps" idea, they didn't go so far as I would have liked to see, but at least one map has a tree that you can shoot to make fall down over a ravine and walk across.

They didn't fix Elite. They just made a new Call Of Duty app for your phone that is kind of okay... However it is multi-platform in the stats and you can have gamers from other platforms in your clan, the game itself is not. I don't like that you can't use a computer to access the stats, but the app isn't horrible. It updates within minutes of finishing a game, so it makes it easy when you're trying to complete goals with the clan wars.

I guess I should go pre-order the new one. Haven't been able to afford a One yet, but once I do, I won't be getting rid of the 360. My COD collection could not be complete without the console to play it on.

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