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Wednesday 18 February 2015

Damn, Its COLD

Well fuck.

I thought about doing a video blog of this, but... editing... I'm not sure my computer is really compatible with much of anything, and it doesn't take much to slow it down. I once did a scouting promo video (okay more than once) and it was a damn nightmare.

So it's fucking cold here in Canada. Everyone bitches about the cold in the winter, and the heat in the summer. Not I. I don't think you will ever hear me say it's too hot. For me, that's just not a thing. It really takes quite a bit for me to feel the heat, and a lot more for me to complain about it. Cold, on the other hand...

You may think, well, you're in Canada, you should be used to it by now. No, I'm not fucking used to it. Try changing from -30 C to +30 C twice a year. FUCK NO. It's fucking cold and I'm not used to it, nor will I ever be used to it, nor do I LIKE IT. FUCK THIS SHIT. I'm out.

No, I'm not really out, because I don't even own a passport. I'm fucking stuck here. When I'm old, and have money, I will be one of those people that just fuck off for the winter. I will have a home somewhere else. Somewhere warm for the winter.

Fuck snow, fuck cold, fuck layers, fuck boots, fuck snow plows, fuck SALT, fuck shovels, fuck big heavy jackets.

I love Canada. I love a lot of what it has to offer, I love that it's my home. FUCK WINTER.

I miss Summer... I want her back. She brings sunshine and cute clothes and sandals and no socks and CARS. OH DEAR GAWD DON'T FORGET THE CARS. I miss cars, I miss my car. I miss car shows. I miss going to the scrap yard. I miss not having to wear layers of clothing. I miss not regretting leaving my house without a jacket, mitts, boots and hat (or toque as we say here in Canada).

Okay, I'm done.


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  1. I thought of another one after out conversation the other day... I want to be able to let the gas tank get to less than half full because I don't have to worry about running the fuel tank down letting the damn car heat up.