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Monday 9 March 2015

Dream Log: Little Bit of Crazy

It seemed like a school gymnasium, with a stage set into the wall. I walked around wondering where all the people were. There were only a handful, mostly crowded near the stage and the gym seemed 3/4 empty, for a big band like this.

The smell of sweat and dirt was strong. The thought keeps running through my head, where are all the people? as I take a mental count of maybe 30 people.

Dead center in the room was a tower. It almost seemed like it was taken off a castle and brought in. Or a stage prop for a Romeo and Juliet play. I look up and see only a couple of people up there, so I decide to climb the ladder.

I'm up top, watching as Raine Maida starts in to Starseed, next to a girl perhaps 5 years younger than I. She's enjoying the show as much as I am. Singing along to the second song of the set, when suddenly a man head-buts a pregnant woman near the back of the crowd and she falls to the ground.

There's blood all over, her head is cracked open like Humpty Dumpty, with pieces of her skull on the floor of the gym as if it was an egg. The band plays on while the man that did the butting, grabs the (6 month's pregnant?) woman by the ankle and proceeds to drag her out the doors, leaving a blood-smeared trail behind.

Nobody seems to take notice but me. The girl next to me is still rocking out, the man in the tower with us is just leaning on the edge of the railing watching the band play, seemingly engrossed. I can smell the blood in the air now.

This time I hear the body hit the ground, rather than see it. It's a man this time, much heavier than the pregnant woman, being dragged through the small crowd and across the gym by the ankle, and out the doors.

In horror of what I'm seeing, and seemingly going unnoticed, I turn again to the people in the tower with me. While the girl is still rocking out on her own, the man is now turned his head toward me and is grinning at me.

Like I'm next.

And I wake up, it's 6:30am the day after Daylight Savings time "Spring Forward".

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