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Thursday 7 January 2016


This summer our family was able to go to two concerts. Unfortunately not all together, but still was fun.

For the first show, I entered a facebook contest to win three tickets to see Walk Off The Earth. You're supposed to tag two friends, so I tagged my friend Nikki and when she saw it, she also entered to win and ended up winning the tickets! So she took me and another friend and we had such a blast!

I would have taken the kids if I had won the tickets. It was a great show and we got to meet the band and I got my CD signed as well.

Next up was Taylor Swift. I had entered a contest previously to win tickets and I knew my kids really wanted to see her because they'd been trying to win tickets earlier in the year.

So the radio station called and kind of got me out of bed. I was a bit out of it and didn't know how to respond so I sounded pretty goofy on air. I don't have a single clue on how to upload the audio clip I asked the radio station for, so I guess that's out lol you either heard it on air or you didn't.

The end result was that I had actually won only two tickets to see Taylor Swift in Toronto. So I got online and got some friends and we started writing Taylor Swift on Facebook and Twitter and tried to get our hands on one more ticket in so many ways. I couldn't really afford a ticket at that point most everything was either sold out or very expensive and nowhere had tickets anywhere near where our tickets were going to be.

Eventually someone reached out to me and said that they were taking their daughter (which knew my kids) and that they could watch over mine while at the concert. As our only option, I took her up on it. The Rogers Center employee that helped me out was amazing. He took me and the girls down to where we needed to be to meet the other mom, then he escorted me back out.

So I now had a couple of hours to waste in downtown Toronto. So The Old Man and I walked around and enjoyed Ontario's capital.

Although it was hectic to begin with, getting down there and getting the girls inside, all in all it was a good night.

Sorry, I got no pics of T-Swift lol

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