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Thursday 16 July 2020


I began streaming to mixer in April to play some party games with my friends. It was convenient to be able to stream it straight from my console to the internet with basically no set up. After some encouragement from a friend I started streaming on a schedule at the beginning of May. By the time Mixer announced that they were ditching us to Facebook Gaming, I had nearly reached 100 followers and it really felt like a slam in the face.

Feeling like had to start all over, I went to check out FBG. I had a page with nearly all of the requirements met for monetization. To complete it, all I had to do was, actually stream to it. I did a few and realized that the base of friends and fans I'd built there did not give a lick of shit to me or my stream. I'm monetized, and to keep it, I must continue to stream to that platform. It doesn't feel like it's very discoverable, that's for sure. I will keep working on it I suppose.

I had previously signed up for twitch in hopes of getting my username - I did not. Yet again I've lost my name to someone who signed up to have the name and not actually use the account. I have spent much more time streaming to Twitch now, because I'm growing faster there. This present moment, I've grown faster on Twitch than I did on Mixer even. I am at nearly 80 followers and it hasn't even been 1 month. Although, some people did follow me from Mixer.

I had YouTube already, but I'm still not sure about that. I know I should, I just don't know what to do about it lol. I tried the YT thing last summer with the garden but I guess that content was terrible lol.

Speaking about the garden, it's looking quite nice and bearing fruit (cucumbers and lettuce so far). It's starting to fill up and I've already made my plan for next year and how I'm going to do things better. I believe I have 8 tomato plants and close to 20 cucumber plants. I plan on making ALL of the pickles and ALL of the tomato sauce. I really want to step up my canning this year.

That's it, that's all. Thanks for stopping in!

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