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Wednesday 6 July 2022

Being A Woman Can Suck

The simultaneously good and bad feeling: when a man actually understands how women are forced to live their lives. You know they finally had that lightbulb moment where they get angry that women are treated wrongly simply for being born with a vagina. For a woman, seeing a man get angry at things that we deal with on a normal basis gives us that hope that more and more men will understand. It's that feeling of "OMG someone gets it!" Then we start feeling down about it because this shouldn't have to be a lightbulb moment, for anyone, because these things shouldn't be happening!

I read an article once that a man was having a hard time corresponding with a customer because his email signature was a woman's name. The customer was constantly unsatisfied with anything provided. When he told the customer he was taking over using his own name, the customer said some uncalled for things about the "woman" he was dealing with before. Not only is it ridiculous to think that the customer was giving him a hard time just because he thought he was a woman, but then there's the question of how often does this type of thing actually happen? I'm gonna tell you right now: too fucking often.

This topic can be dark, and I hope that some of my writing can bring light to the dark things as well as uplift other women, letting them see some firsts, fun facts, and cool things women have done.

Women Firsts:

  • First computer programmer was an English mathematician named Ada Lovelace.

  • First aviator in history to fly solo around the world at the equator was an American called Joan Merriam Smith (among other aviation firsts).

  • First aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean was American Amelia Earhart, who was also the first to promote commercial air travel.

  • First person to win the Nobel Prize twice, and the only person to win the Nobel Prize in two scientific fields was Polish-French physicist Marie Curie.

  • First person to discover the Earth's inner core was Danish seismologist and geophysicist Inge Lehmann.

  • First to clone HIV-1 and create a map of its genes, which led to a test for the virus was Chinese-American molecular biologist Wong-Staal and her colleagues.

  • Malala Yousafzai is the first Pashtun to ever receive a Nobel Prize, as well as being the world's youngest Nobel Prize laureate at only 17 years old.

  • First Boxer to win eight World Championship medals goes to an Indian by the name of Mary Kom. She is also the only boxer to become Asian Amateur Boxing Champion for a record six times.

Men like to say that women complain about these things a lot more than men, but do they ever think that women are legitimately having problems that men just don't experience? Have never experienced? Will likely never experience? Having customers or clients treat you like shit because you're a woman really sucks and we have to work much harder to do the same job. Keep in mind, we are often getting paid less too. So, more work, less pay, same job. 

So much material is out there on these topics, so I'm not going to cite sources.

Things most men don't worry about:

  • Being followed by a stranger. 

  • Deciding between holding their keys in a way that will help hurt someone or in a way that will help unlock the car faster.

  • Changing their clothes because it might be too revealing.

  • Being told to "smile."

  • Asking their friends how to get their woman to do something (anything) around the house?

I have often been told I can't do something or work somewhere just because I'm a woman. I've been turned down for a job to find out a male candidate with no experience was hired. That person was not paid any less due to having no experience. I've been told I shouldn't do things. I've been called sexist names, been told to do disgusting things.

Fun Facts you probably didn't know:

  • Women make up 45% of the video gaming community in the USA.

  • Since 2005 the number of women leaders in the world has more than doubled.

  • Over 800,000 women served in the Soviet armed forces in WW2 .

  • Women earn more than 60% of all college degrees in the United States.

  • In the USA, full-time working women earn 80 cents for every dollar earned by men.

  • Women first began to wear heels in order to imitate men (who wore heels at the time).

  • Because of the high production of estrogen during puberty, girls’ brains generally mature two years earlier than boys’ .

  • Women as the singular or principal breadwinner make up 40% of families in the United States.

  • Women make up around 14% of active US military members.

I've had some extra terrible experiences in my life due to being involved in multiple "male dominated" things like gaming, welding, or car enthusiasm. Which is one of the reasons I decided to write this.

Cool things women have done:

  • Designed the electric refrigerator

  • Invented the medical syringe

  • Engineered the fire escape

  • Invented the car heater

  • Developed COBOL (computer programming language)

  • Invented disposable diapers

  • Founded Miami

  • Invented the windshield wiper

  • Patented CCTV

  • Invented kevlar fiber

You think "We've come a long way" but there is just so much further to go.

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