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Wednesday 11 October 2023


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This list is for CANADAINS.

While I understand that these Canopy Weights are on "Prime Big Deal" sale, I can't help but notice this right beside it at a fraction of the cost. So I took a look and it seems they are the same, and the second one has great reviews, so really it's your call!!

If you're looking for a Folding Camping Table this one is lightweight (aluminum), has a carrying bag and is 95cm wide! If you want something that's on "Big Deal" today and a little more lightweight, this one is only 7.7lbs: it's slightly smaller at 85cm wide and has adjustable legs. Lastly I bring you the Anbte folding table that sizes in between the previous two at 87.5cm, has the adjustable legs (3 heights!), storage bag PLUS it has a storage mesh underneath to provide extra space for holding stuff. The best part about this one is that it's on sale for cheaper than the other two.

Next up we've got Wire Storage Cubes. I've got some, I used them to hold small plants at the window at my old place. So far, this is the best deal I could find on these with 12 spaces.

Now we have this Jewelry Display Stand that's not on a deal. It's a powder coated metal rack that stands nearly 5.5 feet tall with 7 rotating racks. The price has actually increased recently, but it is the only one that have these specifications.

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