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Monday 15 September 2014

Raceland Coilovers

I really wasn't sure what to expect when I actually clicked "purchase" online. I had buyers remorse, immediately. I regretted not spending the money on other things, things that I actually need. I then told myself: You know what, self? (yes?) You deserve it. When was the last time you did something for you? Sure, you need new tires, or a new windshield, but that can wait till next month. This month is the time to spoil yourself for working so hard all summer. Self,  you deserve this. (Okay.) So I promptly forgot about the whole experience.

Until the day they showed up, and wanted sixty-fucking-dollars for duty (heh yeah, DOOOTYYYY). So I had to pay that shit. I was kind of pissed off to find out that a friend who purchased them only weeks before, from the same company, and lives not far from me, was not charged any duty. (heh) What in the actual fuck? Why is he so special?

Now the plan was to do these over winter... but they were just sitting here, in my living room, calling my name.... They were mocking me. Heyyyyyy.... you! Look over here! Aren't I so shiny? And pretty? So I caved, and decided I was going to get 'er done. I called a few friends and after some slight mishaps, they are now installed on Jane.

It pretty much took all week to figure them out. ALL. FUCKING. WEEK. fuck. I had major issues with rubbing the top of my rear fender when turning or bumps. I'm not entirely sure I like the ride. What's done is done though.
Work in progress
Next? Windshield, new tires, fix some shit (steering column, leaky tail lights, I can't even brain right now as to what else), a good cleaning, then she goes to sleep for another winter.

FUCK. That means I need to start the work on the beater. Ugghh lol

Better get to work.

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