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Monday 9 March 2015

Warm Thoughts

What's good back to back posting? HOT and COLD. Well, actually it's just a bit of warm and cold to be honest.

We recently had some pretty cold temperatures, which have finally let up, and hopefully the last we'll see until next winter. Today I believe was a whopping 5c outside.

BUT HOLY SHIT DOES IT FEEL WARM. I mean, by no means is it really warm but it's a start. Compared to the temperatures we had only a week ago, it's amazing. It really helps the ole noggin, I'll tell ya, so I do. The constant cold and darkness really gets to someone. I'm sure the time change helped a bit as well.

Boy am I happy to see the snow melt. I wish it would go faster.

Today I met up with an acquaintance in the drive-thru at Tim Hortons. He was two cars up, and I heard bass, looked around and spotted him. Oh dear bass. How I miss thee! I caught his attention in his mirror and waved. Then motioned to turn up the volume. That was just GREAT! He did so, and we started rocking out. Laughing I gave him the thumbs up, and he responded in kind.

I returned home tonight after dinner out and decided I wanted to finish getting the snow off Jane. Which turned into starting her up (first try yo!), and then turned into moving her into a more motivating spot in the driveway. I have much work to do.

So, as the signs of spring begin, March Break around the corner, I hope this fog in my head lifts. Cuz damn this biting my tongue shit is starting to hurt.

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