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Monday 11 January 2016

New Stuff

Last year (even though it was only like a week ago...) I met a guy. He shall now be known as The Ole Man. Although it's really not been that long (March last year to be a little more precise), it's felt like a lot longer. It feels right, and good and too much sometimes for me to comprehend lol

Since starting this relationship, and wasting yet more time working at a place that doesn't give two shits about its employees (with hiring a single parent and making them work mostly evenings and every second weekend, paying them the bottom of the barrel wage but putting them on a job that everyone else gets paid more to do, etc) and wasting the summer working weekends and long hours when there is so much more I could have done... I finally quit. I gave my notice and headed for the light at the end of the tunnel.

So far the replacement job has been good, I get up really early in the morning and I upgraded my license so I could be a school bus driver. I get home after the morning run and take a nap if I need to. I visit The Ole Man on his lunch break, and I get EVERY weekend off. Which is glorious. I still am getting used to it and have all this time, to DO things. It's really amazing. I'm glad now our work schedules can be more alike, it certainly makes life easier.

I got two weeks off for Christmas, I'll have a week off in March, and I'll be off for the summer, and oh the possibilities that leads to. It leaves me more time with the kids, more time to work on welding things and more time to go camping and car shows. I'm very excited to see how much I can do when I don't have to work for two months during the best time of the year.

Short and sweet, there you have it.