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Monday 21 October 2013


I wanted to write a little about gaming. In particular Call of Duty. I play this game. I'm in a female clan as well.
COD: Ghosts is coming out and I'm very excited. Thinking about it, I wonder what they are going to do to change the experience, or make it better. So here are the things that I wish they could do, but they probably wont.

In Zombie (or 'Alien') Modes
  • Allow points sharing. As the rounds go on, sometimes I have so many points I don't need. Sometimes you have someone who has no points at all. t would be cool to be able to give points to someone else so they can buy weapons/ammo.
  • Allow weapon switching. Kind of like in Army of Two and other games (was it Left 4 Dead?) where you could switch weapons with your partner. That way, if your buddy doesn't have the points or ammo, you can help them out.
In Multiplayer Modes
  • More time spend finding and dealing with boosters and hackers.
  • Interactive maps. I've missed having vehicles, like COD3 had. It would also be nice if they expanded from cars blowing up to buildings/stairs breaking, or trees falling down due to grenades or heavy fire.
In Elite
  • Decent unlocks to look forward to.
  • Better updating, or at least say how long it will take to reflect a score.
  • A site that works at least most of the time.
  • Cross Platform
In General
  • Cross Platform Gaming. There are many other games that do this, why can't Ghosts?
I do know one thing, that they will have a female character finally, which I know a lot of ladies are excited about. I'm just excited for a new game. I love all the Call of Duty games, and it's always exciting to have something new.
I have my copy of the game paid for and I will be going to the midnight launch. I only wish I could have afforded the prestige copy: super cool camera!! Maybe someone savvy will find a random one online for an amazing gift idea ;-)


  1. You dont think they should change the gaming engine around or even get rid of the lag compensation aspect of the multiplayer?

  2. I'm in no way saying my list things are the only things that should be changed. This was just a quick blog on some things off the top of my head.

  3. I was just seeing what you thought of that not knocking you for not putting it in your blog lol Great blog post though wish i could give a thumbs up or something!

    1. Yeah no problem. Of course those sound like great ideas, you might think of a career in this type of thing!
      Comments are my thumbs up. Let's me know people read my crap haha. I hope you'll come back again, perhaps leave your name next time :-)

    2. Well heres my G+ account and thanks i would hope someday i could give reviews on problems as a career but i most likely wont get so lucky haha :)

    3. I was thinking more along the lines of video game developing. You could provide some valuable input obviously :-)

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