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Monday 4 November 2013


This weekend I had a Halloween party. It was originally my friend Yandie's party, but she had to cancel due to obvious reasons. So it was weird that she wasn't there. I did visit her on Sunday in the hospital.

This weekend seemed surprisingly long. I get Saturday and Sunday off which has been absolutely glorious and I have felt I've used them all wisely! The party was Friday night, and I'd say a good 15 or so people showed in total. Not all at once, but most stayed a decent amount of time, some left earlier than others, some showed up late, but all in all it was a good night. I was definitely on the edge of complete and utter foggy intoxication.

I had a friend here for the weekend. Saturday was very much a hangover day. Unfortunately the "Kids Party" was from 1 - 3 and luckily not many RSVP'd and even less showed up. Some cleaning got done, mostly lying around being hungover. That evening a friend of mine had asked if we wanted to go out with her to the bar as they were doing a second weekend of Halloween festivities. So we went and did that, and my friend actually won a costume prize, so that was pretty cool. I opted not to drink, as I was still a little hung over from the night before. Seeing as I wasn't drinking, I might as well drive everyone.

Upon leaving the bar, my locks didn't want to work. I really thought we were screwed. I used a lighter to heat up the key a few times and luckily I was able to unlock the door. It's rained quite a bit here, and with temperatures dipping below the freezing mark I guess my locks are moist. I really wanted Jane to be away last week, but the beater hasn't had much love going for it and I'm not sure when it will be on the road.

On Sunday, we slept in again (time change yo). The Boyfriend and I worked on the beater and got the exhaust all welded up. Then the girls and I left for the big city to visit Andie, as The Boyfriend left to go deer hunting for two weeks with his family. I've heard of one small buck being shot so far.

The ride down seemed to take forever, trying to park seemed to take about the same. Finally after being parked and finding The Well Traveled One, we had some dinner. I had Thai mmmmmm I want more! We took the subway downtown, the girls were very interested in the trains and how things worked. It didn't take long before they were just like everyone else lol
Kids on the subway
I only visited about a half an hour with her before leaving. She seemed like she wanted to sleep. So we toured back to the subway and went back to the yorkdale mall where we found one store that was open so we wandered around a bit. I bought a book, and we left. One relieving stop on the way home, and that drive seemed much faster. Probably because I had company in the passenger seat to talk to.

Now today, among other things I have to do, I want to get this place back into order. The Boyfriend tidied up a lot on Saturday but there's still a lot to be done.

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