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Monday 18 November 2013


The Boyfriend was away for two weeks hunting. The Dog and him came back both very tired and proud boys. They did well.

While they were away I had some adventures of my own.

It certainly is a weird feeling when you're used to having someone around and they're not. Cooking dinner and trying to cook half the amount you normally cook because you don't want a weeks worth of leftovers.
Working on your own car because otherwise it won't get done. The Beater hasn't made it to "road worthy" status yet. Mostly to due to bad timing and weather.

I suppose Jane is mad at me for running her while Mother Nature decided to play a nasty trick on all of us. I didn't have a choice!
Of course, The Boyfriend is away and I am trying to DO ALL THE MULTITASKING and the alternator goes. I am now the proud owner of a shiny brand new alternator. With some luck and some help from friends, I got back on the road fairly quickly, with no help from the wasp that decided to sting me in 6c weather,  through my sweater.

Since the alternator replacement, I've been having some strange radio issues. I'll be driving along and find the station has been changed. It's been changing randomly. Sometimes landing on an actual station, sometimes not. Up the dial, down the dial, a couple of stations, or a lot. Sometimes it even changes to AM, with no rhyme or reason. What are you trying to tell me Jane?

All Of The Bullshit.

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