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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Oh, Hai There

Oops... wrote this back in April...

The snow has been slowly melting, revealing the earth and all it's wonders. There's been a few days that have been a decent temperature, which most were taken advantage of. I got the motor mount out of the car,

Last Thursday was one of the latter days, not taken advantage of. I had to see Le Dentist. And get the big ole teeth pulled.

I woke up to a child saying "mommy, there's someone knocking at the door". Jumping out of my bed and quickly throwing on clothes, realizing I had set the alarm for 6:30 PM instead of AM, I rushed out the door.

After putting a little pill under my tongue, I announced that I felt drunk and have promptly forgot everything from there on out. I vaguely remember about 9:30 trying to use my phone to respond to a child that should not have been trying to ask me anything. Then I woke up again around 1pm.

Surprisingly the post op pain isn't as bad as I thought it would be. After the first day I stopped taking the pain pills prescribed that made me drowsy and switched to ibuprofen.Which I was later told I should have been taking acetaminophen but what's done is done.

After going to the post-op appointment, they did some other stuff and said something about a dry socket. That was probably worse than the pain, it tasted like cinnamon and burned a little. Pretty gross actually, but it took the pain away almost instantly.

One of the really shitty things about getting teeth pulled is the gigantic holes left in your gums for ALL OF THE FOOD to get stuck in! There's also now sensitivity of the teeth that were beside the ones that got pulled.

Fun times. Glad that's over with.

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