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Monday 12 September 2016


Well, there it went. Summer is "over". I say that because, all the little kiddies are back to school, I'm back to work and the long hot days are getting shorter. We've had some really cool nights now and even some chilly autumn days.

So a recap of the summer... Hmm.. Well I started off driving taxi for a bit. Also did some bus charters but mostly didn't work much for the month of July. It was nice having the time off but I got worried about money. Then my cousin offered me a job so I started working 6 hour days there. Although I had plans in the works about Si-Man coming to visit so I had to be upfront and tell my cousin I was going to need some time off while we had friends in town from the UK.

It was fun to find out many differences between our countries and it was trying at times to have 3 extra people in your house (hope we didn't scare you away!) We did many things while they were here. We took them to Canada's Wonderland, camping (canoeing and fishing), we drank entirely too much and we shared some amazing experiences. We took them and were able to have them catch the Pokemon that is region specific to Canada. They tried real Maple Syrup and Poutine and Kool-aid. Si-Man took it upon himself to not allow us to pay for nearly anything during his stay. He also thought it funny to buy us some really expensive gifts! So The Ole Man and I each of brand new Xbox One S consoles, and two games. My daughter got my old One and the other got a new TV. Now she has the best TV in the house lol he certainly spoiled us!

My Jane decided that she'd had enough abuse this summer and vomited transmission fluid through the wall of the housing. Another project.. The Beater PT has been having oil and overheating issues... it's just been one thing after another. The idea of having a newish vehicle is taunting.

I am sad that the summer is over. It always goes so fast. I much prefer summer over winter. People can complain about the heat but I'm already missing it. Not working in it, but certainly missing warm days over the ones we've been having, reminding me that winter is just around the corner.

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