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Thursday 20 July 2017

My First CJ

For over a year now our scouts have been fundraising for a week long Canadian Jamboree that is held every 4 years in different locations across Canada. This year was held at Camp Nedooea, Nova Scotia. This was an excellent opportunity for our group (many of us anyawy) to visit the east coast of Canada for the first time. We planned a 15 day adventure for our group to visit New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, with 7 of those days at the Jamboree.

As a Rover Advisor, I went to camp as an Offer Of Service and worked with the Transportation team. The Minions went in two separate patrol units of our scout troop. We left on the Monday before the Jamboree and flew into Fredericton, NB. We rented 4 vans for the 26 of us to tour around. The OOS left the group and drove to camp on the Thursday before camp.

I began my work detail on Friday and helped over 2000 scouts and scouters arrive at camp via, plane, train or automobile. On Saturday the remaining 3000 (approx) people arrived at camp. We had many long days and nights trying to get everyone to their subcamp (close to 1000 people in each of the 7 subcamps) as best we could and as safely as possible.

Programming for troops began Sunday afternoon and included many fun things. I saw/heard of archery, mud pit, drones, giant bubble balls, bmx course and many things I can't remember but every kid I saw seemed to be having an adventure. Unfortunately it rained pretty good on the Friday and into Saturday morning so the rest of the week the campsites were pure mud.

On Wednesday of the Jamboree I had my day off and a couple of friends I met at camp and I went to Halifax. We had a nice meal, visited the harbour and boats, and the Citadel. Another long day of walking around on tired feet but lots of fun nonetheless. The time difference is only one hour, but I'll tell you something. When your body clock is used to getting up a certain time, it is very hard to change that, especially when its 5am Ontario time that you're trying to change it to!

I feel as though I now have a new addiction. I want to go to more camps, more jamborees and overall more travelling our beautiful country. I had such an amazing time not only in the maritimes but at camp, I miss all the people I met/spent time with. I miss the great times we had with the people I worked with. I miss the ocean. It calls to me. I can't wait for our next adventure!

I also felt like I came home with new eyes. I just spent 15 days living out of a backpack. I spent 9 of those days sleeping in a tent. I now see all this junk in my home that I just don't need. I want to clean out so much stuff right now it's insane.

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