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Saturday 12 August 2017

Where Does The Time Go?

I spent only 15 days in the east coast, but by the time we got home and settled it felt like half my summer was gone. Now, only weeks away from the beginning of the school year I look back a little and boy was it fun!

Coming back home and getting back into the routine of (summer) life was unfortunate. I say summer life because I am only working one job for July and August. Only days after being home I was thinking of camping again already. Only a few weeks after being back we went to our annual Show n Shine and Race event where we camped over at the track for the night. I am now considering buying a small tent trailer for our family.

Back to work, has been a slower pace compared to last summer. Where I started working late July and we were crazy busy most of the summer. I like this summer better.

Tomorrow we're going couch shopping. I am excited to actually buy a couch set *new*. If you can't tell, it's a first for me and I hope nobody ruins my new couches too soon lol

There was no real point to this post, I only felt like writing something, so if you're reading this, sorry for time waster lol

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