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Monday 13 May 2019

Daydreaming (part 1)

I've been dreaming of the actuality of how things would work. I decided to write it down.

We will have 10 acres of mostly treed land. Hopefully there will be a river nearby or through the property for fishing. There will need to be internet, the bloggers and the youtubers will need it too, so we won't be too far out of town.

We will have gardens, so many gardens. With all sorts of vegetables. For eating fresh or canning and preserving. We'll sell what we need to help with the bills.

There might be a large farmhouse or a plantation style house renovated for our purposes. We wont need a living room or dining area because there will be a large hall for gatherings and meals. We will make a large bathroom facility to accommodate everyone, with shower stalls and multiple sinks with baskets for all the personal items to keep things neat and tidy. This may only be temporary for some until we build smaller homes for those who don't want to share the house.

We could find old cheap trailers to use as well. If the roofs are no good we can build a stationary roof for them because it's not like they'll be moving around anymore.

The hall will have a large kitchen and a long table and a fireplace. We'll probably need multiple fridges and freezers for all the food. And an entire room for storage of all the dry goods and cans.

Everyone will do their part. Cooking, cleaning, pruning, harvesting, building, selling at the market. We will work with everyone's strengths and teach people new things.

I haven't figured out how we'll get water and heat to all of the houses yet...

To Be Continued...

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