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Saturday 15 June 2019

Daydreaming (part 2)

I've been dreaming of the actuality of how things would work. I decided to write it down.
Here's Part 1.

There's going to need to be a shop. One fairly large for welding things and woodworking things and a place for all the making everyone wants to do.

The kitchen will also be for dining and gatherings. (The Gathering Hall?) Sometimes we could work together and cook dinner for everyone, maybe a once a week thing. If it becomes a success and we have the people for it, we can have sign ups for the different jobs and cook more than that, even do meal prepping for those who choose to work outside jobs.

Maybe there should be some sort of points system. Because everyone has their strengths so, someone who's building something like a home would get lots of points so they can exchange them for cooking duties or something.

There's a 16 acre lot I've been eyeing up. I just finally found it online and its a bit out of reach financially. I did find an 8.5 acre lot that is way more affordable not too far from the first one, and another 8.2 acre lot on a main highway type road even better priced.

So the ideal lot would be something with easy access to the electricity/sewer/water etc. The first one was on municipal sewage so would be easier for the rest than some place out in the country. It's like somehow finding the happy place between in "town" and not.

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