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Monday 15 July 2019

Pre-Jamboree - Vancouver (pt. 1)

Well hello! I just got back this morning from our beautiful west coast, British Columbia! We had an overnight flight so I had very little sleep on the plane and on the ride home after. If something doesn't make any sense, well you've been warned!

I'm not going to jump right in to the jamboree because I still have a lot of writing to do and deciding what photos to share so I don't overload the blog. I also have a vlog to do on the Tiny Garden here because it has been over two weeks and wow are things really growing!

I just wanted to touch on some of our visit to Vancouver. We left here on a Saturday and headed down to the airport for an afternoon flight. Once we arrived in Van, we headed for our hostel to get all checked in. After a short explore we went to bed.

outside my window
There is a three hour time difference that completely fucked with me and I'm paying for it now. So by 9pm our bodies think it's midnight and that's well passed my bedtime.
Our first night some of us overheard the actual robbery that brought these police. Other's heard the robber get tasered. Welcome to Vancouver!!

On Sunday morning we went to a place called Joe's Grill for breakfast. It was quite good, and I found this little community garden just down the block from it. My excitement is due to the fact that I'd never seen anything like it so I took a quick video about it. It may seem silly but just seeing a bunch of green in the middle of the concrete jungle blew my mind!

This is continued here

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