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Thursday 25 July 2019

Vancouver Jet Lagged (pt. 2)

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We started off jet-lagged as fuck. The first night it was like 10pm and I was passing the fuck out. Then to wake up at 5am not able to sleep any longer because my body's all like "selfdude it's like 8am, you're late for work and have slept wayyyy in, get the fuck up already."

So I wait around because we planned on meeting at 7am. Then finally we meet and decide to go for breakfast, which I covered in the last blog, when I found the garden. So by the time we walked to this place (with teenagers leading the way) and ate our bodies were like oh thankfuck food because it thinks we missed breakfast.

Canal framed by Mountains
We honestly never really got to eating at normal times there until probably the last few days before we came back. Upon waking our stomachs were growling in disappointment with missing the normal food time, by the time we fed ourselves it was lunchtime in Ontario. When it was lunchtime in BC, we wouldn't eat. We might eat or sometimes just snack around 2-3pm and then again at like 8-9pm.

The kids didn't plan this trip, as in what to do once we arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia. So we just had to find things to do within the budget day to day and it didn't turn out horribly. We spent a lot of time just walking to destinations or navigating the transit system there.

The first place we went was Granville Island. There was a pretty cool market there and we spent the morning getting there, the afternoon there then heading back and having some food. We ate a lot of sushi while there, luckily most of the group liked sushi lol.

Next up : Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium!

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