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Friday 22 August 2014

I Love You

Dear Gramma,

I miss you.

There is so much for me to tell you. Just like when I was a kid and you would write me letters. It was so cool to actually have mail. Something that was just for me. You would tell me about the shows you did and funny things that happened. I would look forward to the March Breaks and the Summers spent at your house.

I'm so happy the girls still remember you. They may not remember much, but that doesn't matter. The important part is the time we did have.

I have to say, I often wonder what you would say to me. What advice you would give me. What you would think of the woman and mother I've become, the choices I've made. It's because of you that I turned out the way I did. It's because of you that I'm still here today. I always ask myself, what would Gramma think?  It's hard to imagine what one could say to you in times of need. When you just need someone you trust with your entire being, to just tell you what they think.

I do think that you would be proud of me. You'd be proud that my little girls are so amazing. You showed me how to love a child, and I in turn have showed my girls how much I love them. I have tried to hard to teach my children the values you taught me. I think you'd be proud of the accomplishments I've had so far. They may not be much, but every step counts. You taught me that.

Well Gramma, I could talk your ear off for eternity. I think it's time I stop now. I miss you, and I love you.


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