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Sunday 24 August 2014

Car Stuff

I bitch a lot. I know. You don't have to lie to me about it. I know. But this is my place of bitching, I shall bitch how I wish.

I bitch about my car. I bitch about my life. I bitch about everything, because bitching about it, makes me feel better. Sometimes I write things out that are bothering me and it helps get it off your mind a bit so you can somehow clear your head and think a bit better about it.

I know I bitch about my car a lot, but really it's not so bad. A lot of the time it's all circumstances. Like the whole alignment thing. Due to my crazy schedule it was hard to work on the car. If it weren't for that, things would have gotten done so much faster and would not have been such a long drawn out process.

Sometimes it can be really discouraging when you're set on doing something and other things get in your way. Things can be, work, knowledge, tools etc. It gets really frustrating when things get in your way and then you end up not getting what you want done.

To conclude the ball joint and control arm bushing story:

I got the ball joint tool from work and ordered in a stock bushing. I was upset because all the bushings in my car are all polyurethane and a stock replacement is not. The tool didn't even get used because we could not get the one bolt out. I had a friend over to lend a hand and he brought his compressor but forgot the correct fitting for the impact gun. Which would probably solved this problem for us. We tried a lot of things to get that ball joint off.

In the end I said "fuck it" and drove it to the shop for the alignment. I asked them to do the work to the car and align it. They ended up doing the work and "couldn't" do the alignment. That was a frustrating day. They were trying to tell me that it was not the correct rack for my car. The actual problem was that the ring gear in the steering rack was put in one tooth off. I ended up going down to PDP's shop and he fixed the rack and did an alignment. The pisser is that I only paid the shop to do the work because I was out of time and wanted the alignment done. So I wasted my money because they "couldn't" do it.

Next up: Coilovers..... heh

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