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Monday 8 September 2014

Neon Nats

New Hood
This year CNN was really on me. The Prez and DCO were really unavailable at all to help or attend. I luckily had a friend willing to help out and managed to pull things together.

I had a brilliant idea this year, that I would introduce secret judges. With cell phones being such a big thing, people are always on them. Facebook, texting, twitter, email. I got a couple of helpers and got them to download an app that would help me achieve my goal.

I have got quite a few good comments on my way of doing things. It was a little tricky at the end when I was waiting for one judge to finish up so I could tally up the scores. I definitely have some ideas on what can be done better next year. I mean, we have this technology, why not use it?

Cruise down to SPARTA, ON
All in all, I had a good weekend. I heard a lot of positive feedback from people (even some first timers), so that really helps me feel like I did a good job.

We did our quarter mile foot race again this year down the track, and a newbie took the title. We finally had another chapter win the participation award, and we had a pretty epic marshmallow battle. I'll share a few pics.

Battle aftermath

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