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Tuesday 7 October 2014


I went and pre-ordered the new Call Of Duty game, Advanced Warfare. Super duper expensive edition. Season's pass and all the works, which I'm seriously going to have to buy a USB to put all this shit on. Apparently there's no merch this time around. WTF? That's balls. We like collectable shit dude.

I also went next door to the shoe store and saw some super comfy shoes on sale... then felt bad if I only bought myself some, and bought the kids some too.
So, you know, the minute you spend money you really should have put in savings or something... something horrible happens that you need money for? Yeah, it happens to me. A lot. I do these things, then BAM out of nowhere, I fuck my car up. Yet again. Now I get to rip apart my entire front end to fix it. Meanwhile driving the beater, and kind of afraid how long that's going to last.

Winter is coming. 'Tis the season of depression. FML. It's far too soon for the winter we had last year. I seriously hope it doesn't snow before December again. It's very convenient that popular video games come out in November because people like me spend less time outside and more time inside due to the weather.

The one thing I like about this time of year though, is Halloween. It's fun, and an excuse to get together with friends. I always like those excuses. I have no clue what my costume will be this year... at this rate I should just put on a goddamn set of coveralls and call myself a damn mechanic with all the work I've been doing.

That is all.

For now.

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