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Sunday 29 March 2015

One Review

So far me and my One, have a love-hate relationship.

I finally went and bought it, to bring it home and find out I also need to purchase a copy of COD:AW for it as well. Before I decided I could spend yet another $70 on the game (which WTF? It's six months old and still full price?!?!) I spent my time familiarizing myself with the console. Getting used to the new interface, which isn't horrible. I'm still getting stuck on it, thinking one button will do something, and pressing the wrong one and it doing something completely different. It also boots up games and signs into XBL a lot faster than its 360 counterpart.

I've had to purchase an adapter to plug in my turtle beach's, then modify the connection for the audio because this thing doesn't have HDMI, and buy some optic cable thing made of glass...

I do really like the SmartGlass app, for your phone. It's pretty neat and it eliminates the need to have a chat pad on the controller.

Now onto the things I really don't like about it:
  • I don't like how it seems like everything you've ever opened is still running in the background and sometimes it seems impossible to just stop all programs/apps and the B button will re-open your last app/game/whatever even if you told it to stop.
  • If you plug in a media storage device and watch media, it does not remember your place (unlike the 360) in your media. Also, if you mistakenly drop your controller on the couch and it jumps to the next or previous media you can't tell which one you were watching, as it highlights the one you started on.
  • Snap. I hate you snap. You snap shit when I don't want it to be snapped and you want to snap, like everything. And you take fucking FOREVER to get the snap going. So when you've hit it by accident you have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for it load. Then there's the problem with trying to get the main screen while you're on snap. Fuck you snap.
  • Having an "open" connection, but yet you can't connect to other people who also have "open" connections.
  • There's no fucking voice message? What in the actual fuck? So basically, you've DOWNGRADED from the 360 by taking that away.... Jus' sayin'
  • If you shut it down, it doesn't seem to actually shut down. It remembers what you were doing, so when you reboot it, if it was being a jerk, it's still being a jerk when it boots back up.
So far that's it. I haven't had it horribly long, nor have I done too much with it. Just watched some Netflix, loaded media and played AW.

There's my initial impressions.

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