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Wednesday 30 December 2015

McCrea Lake Camping

Back in the summer, we planned a camping trip. Not just any camping trip. We canoed everything in, kind of camping trip.

I had been to McCrea once before. Its really nice up there. I want to go again, if it wasn't so damn cold.

We all booked time off work, and set out on the Thursday with two canoes, two kids, a dog and all our gear.

Our View 

On Friday we went back to the second portage and helped our (5) friends over and led them to our site.

We tried our hand at fishing, with a little luck on our side we had fish with our Sunday lunch.

We made an inukshuk(sp?) in the middle of the lake where there was a raised bit. The birds really liked it.

We saw a loon couple and their baby, they were very protective.

We were very lucky that it was one of the only weekends I was off that it was really nice out. Overall I think we all had a grand time and I really can't wait to do it again.

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