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Sunday 3 January 2016

Jane's Makeover

After a long wait, I finally got around to getting something done I'd wanted done for a long time.

The paint on Jane has been battered and bruised, and being over 20 years old since the factory laid it, I thought it was high time she gets some new gloss. Previously I had laid plasti-dip after I had done a lot of the prep for paint. Repaired dings and scratches, filled with bondo when needed, and sanded. That was a terrible idea. I'm pretty sure, although nobody says so, that plasti-dip was made to go over a gloss coat. If it's not on a gloss, it does not peel off like it advertises.

It took quite a bit of time to get it all off. Here's where we picked up from last years repairs.

Beginning to sand
Shout out to my amazing sponsor Vinyl By Trevor. Please look him up and follow him on facebook and twitter. He's been amazing to not only me but my car club.

 After all the plasti-dip was off the car we had to sand everything down again, and again with multiple different grit of sand paper.

Mopar or no car
 I found this on the door near the window while sanding and thought it was cool.

 There are some parts of the car you don't want to paint. I got this plastic shield stuff that we used to cover all the carbon fiber elements of the car so they didn't get painted.

getting ready for paint

almost there
Here we are in the booth after some paint has been laid.

paint booth
 Another shout out to my sponsor KMB Auto Service in Midland for letting me use their shop to paint my car.

KMB Auto Service
 Jane on the beach, soaking up the sun.

beach shot
The finished product is a white pearl paint. It shimmers slightly in the sun.

bridge shot

Although it's not perfect, she's still got a soft spot in my heart.

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