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Sunday 4 August 2019

Canada Day in Vancouver (pt. 3)

This is Part 1
This is Part 2

This is actually going to be quite difficult because there was so much to see at the aquarium so I took hundreds of photos!

On Canada Day we started the day with Crepe's at a nice place called Cafe Crepe. We then spent the morning at the Vancouver Aquarium.

One of the first things I saw that I thought was really cool was the jellyfish. They had so many different kinds and the presentation was amazing.

shark above me
There was a tank that had a huge turtle in it, stingrays and some sharks but the really neat part was the tank went up and over your head so it was like they were sometimes swimming right above you.

There was a rain forest type room with lots of butterflies and birds and frogs and stingrays in the stream.

dubbed "Big Chonker" by the teenagers
Outside they had some seals and penguins and dolphins, and you could see them from the top or the underwater which was pretty neat.

We rented bikes and rode the seawall in Stanley Park. I think I would have actually liked to spend more time in Stanley Park.

After all that we went to check out the festivities at Canada Place. There were vendors so I definitely got myself a tornado potato! The kids mostly spent their time inside at the military exhibits and new and upcoming inventions thing. There was also a stage and live music, but after a short while the kids decided they wanted to go back to the hostel and rest before coming back to see fireworks.

Next up will be PART 4 Grouse Mountain and the trek to Camp Barnard on Vancouver Island.

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