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Sunday 20 July 2014

Go Fuck Yourself

I apologize, this may get a bit ranty.

That is what the universe is telling me. I feel like a complete failure in so many ways.

Hey, you wanna fix your car? haha, go fuck yourself.

Hey, you wanna get a part time job? go fuck yourself, and work 40+ hours a week and have absolutely no time to actually LIVE your life after you're done work, kids and the business.

Due to the whole "wiring" issue with the fuel pump, I was unable to make my appointment for the alignment on the Friday. So that had to wait until Monday. Unfortunately, I was told it was going to need a ball joint and a control arm bushing. Had I known that on the Friday instead of the Monday, I could have used my weekend off much more wisely. Because I did not find this out until Monday, that pushed everything back a week due to not having anyfuckingsparetime. To today, where I was off at the early time of 2pm, and therefore able to spend some solid daylight hours on the car.

Only to find out that the bushing I was told was in stock (aka my garage), was actually not. Also to have the ball joint seized in, so I'm going to have to get the tool from work to get the fucker out. Yet another day of unaccomplished dreams. So now I have to see about getting in the damn bushing, and push back the alignment. Again.

What's frustrating me so much on top of the obvious, is the fact that I have wasted the majority of the summer. I normally visit friends in Ottawa, Windsor, on top of going camping and going to Wonderland. None of that. Nothing. Where the fuck is the my fun? I can't go anywhere due to these issues. I have been stuck here. Worrying about my new tires.

Sometimes it seems really easy to just give up. Especially when you think of things like, the fact that you put a lot of time into something and feel you get nothing back on top of not feeling accomplished what so ever.

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