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Monday 17 November 2014

I May Be Stupid... but...

I got nothin'. It was probably pretty stupid of me to push the POS beater car to Ottawa and back. Then to say "Hell, it made it to Ottawa, it should be fine to go to Windsor".


About that... Well, it wasn't boring, that's for sure. The weekend started off kind of shitty when I woke up to a pile of snow Friday morning. My landlords still have my snowblower for the "tuning up" thing I begged them to do all summer. So I had to actually shovel my driveway. That kind of sucked. And started my day later than planned.

The sight out my front window on Friday morning
Finally get the car loaded up and ready to go. Stop for fuel and some oil and get on my way, over an hour later than planned. Close to 200km into my drive, in the middle of Toronto on the jam packed 401 the beast decided it was a good time to overheat and the steering becomes a bitch. Turn off the car. It's not like we're moving anyway. When traffic does start moving, I resume the steady stop and go until it just about overheats again. Pulling off the highway and into a parking lot, I automatically look under the car for any signs of anything leaking. Nada. Alas I do find a power steering belt hanging there. Well now the steering problem makes sense.

I proceed to get some work gloves from the trunk to open the rad cap and let any pressure out slowly. Seems not so bad, so I continue to open the cap. Bad news, I'm pretty sure I got a million degree burns on my chest and face as well as drinking the shit. Whoever said that animals like antifreeze because it's sweet is full of fucking shit. That shit tastes disgusting.

So picture this: I am beside my car coughing and spitting and gasping and pouring water in my mouth and it going absolutely everywhere thinking I'm about to die from drinking this shit.

Throw power steering belt in car. Pour equal amounts of water and poison into the car. Slam hood in anger. Get in car, continue driving. Miss the deadline for getting the dog to my sisters for dog sitting. Have to wait 2.5 hours for the next chance.

Good thing I had shitty traffic and car troubles and only actually had to wait a half an hour.

Fortunately that's about all the events for the trip down to Windsor.

Oh, but wait. That's not all! THERE'S MORE.

On the way home we made several stops for visiting. When leaving the last stop, about an hour from home, my battery light comes on. FUCKING GREAT. Half an hour of driving the radio starts fucking off. It took me probably close to 5 minutes, pulled over, to figure out how to turn the damn thing off. Drive another 10 minutes, gauges fuck off too. Now is when I know I'm fucked. The lights start to dim, I can barely see. I get about 10km from town and she dies.

FUCK MY LIFE. We JUST want to get HOME.

Luckily a friend is not far and comes to the rescue. Charge the battery off his car for a bit, then booked 'er home. Barely made it, and had a cop double take me a couple blocks from the house. Likely because I had barely any lights left. I wasn't stopping for anything. He wanted me, he could follow me home, I was almost there! Luckily that was not an added hassle to my weekend.

Although, I did pass an interesting set-up for radaring I'd never seen before. I saw something on the bridge ahead, getting closer and closer, trying to figure out what it is. Close enough to getting a ticket lol when I realize it's a cop standing on the bridge above the 401 using a radar gun. Half a click down the road, two more cops have people pulled over.

Otherwise, it was a decent, relaxing weekend. Even with the two hour nap I took Saturday that fucked me for going to bed that night.

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