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Sunday 1 May 2016

Not Winter

I am so very thankful that there is no snow. It's just amazing to be able to go outside - even at night - with no winter jacket. To be able to sit in my chair on my front lawn and watch the clouds or the stars.

I put a couple of hours of work into the axle boot of my car the other day. Only to find out after I had it greased up, the one sold to me was not right, and is now a useless waste of money. Next time its decent out, I hope to finish it. While I did that, The Ole Man worked on a new shed to replace the half-assed dilapidated one, even with a real door! He's been hard at work building that, but for both of us it's still not that nice out. It's certainly not winter, but this spring has been a chilly one. Some really beautiful days out, but mostly still cold.

Today is rain. I got really lucky that it didn't rain on my birthday. That's unusual, but welcomed. It was one of those really nice days yesterday. We went to the Maple Syrup Festival. I had a Beaver Tail. I wish I had another one!

The girls and I have been hard at work making new paracord creations. We now have 10 colours to choose from and a wide variety of bracelets, keychains and ribbon keychains.

I've been thinking a lot about going up to McCrea Lake again. I'm really itching to go. I thing we are going to go up, just the two of us the next weekend that looks nice out. He got me a nesting camp set that I'm just itching to try out! I got a small two burner stove that I have to fiddle with and try to get it to stop leaking fuel. These things will help us pack a lot lighter for just the two of us.

The End.

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