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Monday 20 June 2016

McCrea - Spring 2016 Edition

**Photo post**

Well we did it. We went up to McCrea just like we wanted to. We went on the may long weekend. We decided two nights was enough and we'd take the third day to relax at home.

2nd Portage
Giant frying pan

1st Portage

We arrived pretty late on Friday, but I caught a good one of the sunset as we canoed into the lake to find a site.

The view from the site we chose.

It was a hot and sunny weekend. We chose well, and both got quite a bit of sun. We canoed around the entire lake, visited the site we were at last year to see if anyone had made any changes. We also added a little table to the site we picked. I always like to try to do something to make a site better when we go.

Pike - 2ft long
The biggest of the four fish I caught. I caught two the first day and two the second day. The Ole Man sacrificed his own fishing so he could paddle the canoe at the correct speed for trolling.

The waterfall at the portage on our way out.

I was very happy to use my new camping set. I also had gotten a seal for the little two burner. That did not make us pack light though. We took much more than needed for sure, but we were comfortable and had a good weekend together.

There was one point during the portage that a group was coming in and one guy was right pissed off yelling at a girl for not helping (it did seem that she had come in earlier in the day and was meeting them at the portage so I'm sure she already carried her own gear in). I looked at The Ole Man and smiled, "we made it in without a fight" I said and we were both grateful that we get along so well.

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