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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Midland Parking Lot Murder

Okay, so this is the town that I live in. This happened here. Its been nonstop on my newsfeed and in my brain.
I was at Walmart that day. I don't go to Walmart often, because it's a shit-show, especially on the weekend (and it was a long weekend to boot). My daughter already had a breakdown that day and I wasn't going to let her have another one. So off to Wally World I went.
Getting into the lot was insane. Cars everywhere, backed up pretty much to the doors of the store. I was driving Jane for one of the first test drives of the season. I don't have power steering in that car. Some lady was "directing traffic" at the one corner of the lot, but by the time I saw her it was too late for me to make a sharp turn with cars everywhere and lack of power steering. Not that I was going very fast as the parking lot was packed and I was basically in parade gear. I avoided her as she yelled at me "someone's been hit" and ended up turning around due to traffic to try a different lane to find parking. She had the audacity to holler "I told you so" at me as I went by her the second time.
I used quotations there because she was doing absolutely nothing to help the situation there. Firstly, if someone had been injured by doing the same damn thing, then perhaps it's not a good idea to be "directing traffic", I would think that would have been a pretty clear judgement call. Secondly, she was nowhere near the location of the incident and was not directing traffic to avoid it. It was completely pointless and pretty stupid on her part, she's lucky to have her life.

The Ole Man said to me "who the hell is she?" and I"m all like "I know right?!" because unfortunately people think it's okay to pretend to be police. I know, I know, many people want to place blame on the poor design of the lot with only one entrance/exit. Although I want to agree with them, that's really no excuse to kill someone over. Honestly, there really is no excuse unless your life is in immediate danger and it's self defence.

Nobody want's to talk badly about a deceased person. The fact of the matter is, had he minded his own business and stayed in his vehicle, he'd be alive today. Instead he got out and decided to pretend to be a person of the law knowing full well people were angry and hot and wanted to get the hell out of there. Then to take it upon himself to stand in front of a vehicle (I did see a photo of him doing this) and hearing that he was up on top of someone's vehicle... What do you think is going to happen? Not death, clearly, but still, the guy was an idiot for thinking there would be no repercussions to getting on someone's vehicle.
It's pretty simple. If you're not a person of the law, who do you think is actually going to listen to you? You have no authority over anyone. That's like walking down the street and up to some random stranger and not allowing them to walk, standing in front of them. What are they going to do? They're going to fight to continue to do walking because you should mind your own business. You can't stop someone from walking, or driving someplace. I mean, seriously if I was faced up against a 3000lb vehicle, I don't think I would act like The Man Of Steel, because I'm not.

Nobody's going to charge a dead guy, so all the blame will lay on the man who "ran him over". I suppose we'll see what happens in court, and if any witnesses do come forward with any evidence, I hope the truth comes out about what happened and people can understand the fault likely lays on both men's shoulders, not just one.

I'm not trying to blame the victim here, because he certainly was the victim, I'm not arguing that. My issue is that he was just as much a part of the problem to begin with. It's like someone picking a fight with another someone, who everyone has knowledge of having a weapon. Would you start a fight with someone who's got a weapon, aimed at you?


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