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Tuesday 10 September 2019

Jamboree Life (pt 5)

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Well here we are, almost done this blogging adventure! This is the fifth installment of my trip, and I think it may be the second last. If you've come with me this far - holy shit, you're still here?

On the right here you'll see the entrance to Excalibur subcamp, which was where Offer Of Service stayed. The OOS subcamp comprised of Ventrurer Scouts, Rover Scouts and Scouters from all across Canada and even some people from beyond!

Offer Of Service is when someone goes to camp to volunteer and "work" camp. You get placed in a work detail which could be in food services, site services, medical services, transportation, programming, security etc. The list goes on and on, it takes a lot of volunteers to run a high scare jamboree like this. I believe there was around 700 staff at the jamboree.

Each subcamp runs with the theme of the camp, this year it was Myths and Legands. As you see here, this is the entrance to Saga subcamp and they had this amazing ship built there. Each subcamp has its own team of OOS to help organize, set up, tear down, and be there for the participants whenever needed.

I've added some photos of some of the OOS food and the food line up that was the staff feeding area. We were very well fed, but it's needed when so many of us were working very hard burning calories, I did lose about 10 lbs when I returned home.

Next up is opening ceremonies. I don't have a whole lot to say about that, it went about as normal as any opening I've ever been to in my life. They did hold back OOS, then made a joke about us being late - I'm guessing that was on purpose. We waited in line to enter the field for about 45 minutes.

On my travels I found the fuel prices a lot higher than I expected. I figured that they're closer to the source of oil that the price would be better, but boy was I wrong! When I left home I think the price was $1.08 per liter for regular fuel.

Well, I think that's about it for this one, if you're still sticking around, there will be one more to finish  installment of this story that will consist of our final day in Vancouver before boarding the plane and heading home on our overnight flight.. I'm glad I'm writing this down so that I can remember it later when my memories fail me.

I'll leave you here with a picture of a deer I saw during one my shuttle shifts to Sooke, BC to and from camp. We did a last minute shuttle daily so people could visit a nearby town and access stores, transit to Victoria, and all the town had to offer. Anyway, I was astounded at how many deer we saw, they were everywhere! They'd just waltz right into town and walk up on peoples lawns and eat their gardens. To the point that deer were bordering on being local pests. I don't know if there's just so many of them or if they have nowhere else to go, but it was very strange seeing them so up close all the time.

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